Length Stop LA530

Robust length stop with membrane keyboard for exact workpiece positioning. Short positioning times thanks to dynamic servo motor.

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Length Stop LA530

Why Choose WEGOMA??

  • Stable sheet metal construction
  • Specification of target value, number of pieces, correction value via membrane keyboard
  • Jetter drives and controls
  • Backlash compensation, automatic retraction for workpiece release
  • Automatic approach to the reference point when starting for the first time
  • 25 mm flat guide rail
  • Positioning via toothed belt with steel insert and servo motor

Special Accessories

  • As a roller conveyor stop or VA sheet
  • Machine connection of third-party machines

Technical Data

Standard traveling distance:2500 mm
Optionally available up to:6000 mm
Total length:3000 mm
Width:200 mm
Standard roll width:200 mm
Accuracy:±0,1 mm
Positioning speed:bis 50 m/min
Thrust:1500 N
Display:LCD display / PC control

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