Miter Saw GS2734

New generation miter saw with multiple uses in window and door construction. Suitable for wooden glazing beads and smaller bars of all kinds made of wood, aluminum and PVC.

Miter Saw GS2734

Why Choose WEGOMA?

  • Stable machine construction, head milled out of a solid material block: Long lifespan guaranteed
  • 250 saw blade ideal for cutting glazing beads
  • Can be individually adapted to customer needs
  • Saw guide via 20 mm flat guide rails
  • In combination with LA530 or LA630, this is the ideal option for cutting glazing beads
  • Smooth saw cut thanks to the small saw blade and precise guidance

Special Accessories

  • Length stop LA530, LA630, length stop digital display, length stop magnifying glass / scale
  • Profile support 1.5 m, Profile support 3 m
  • Variable stop system (manual scanning of the sash)
  • Stop for slotted glazing beads
  • Profile specific counter blocks
  • Pneumatic tilting
  • Servo-motorized tilting
  • Hydropneumatic feeding cylinder
  • Combined clamping system (horizontal and vertical)
  • Dust extraction system
  • Radio caliper Messtronic 0.1

Technical data

Voltage:400 V, 50/60 Hz
Motor:1.1 kW
Rotation speed:4852 U/min
Max. workpiece width:75 mm
Saw blade diameter:250 mm
Compressed air connection:6-8 bar
Weight:400 kg

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