Miter Saw KGS400M/A

Flexible universal saw for aluminum, wood, and PVC with the option of making compound cuts. Manual (KGS400M) or automatic (KGS400A) saw feed.

Miter Saw KGS400M/A

Why Choose WEGOMA?

  • Chop saw with manual (KGS400M) or automatic (KGS400A) feed
  • Stable and flexible universal saw
  • Industry standard for professional users, no hardware store quality
  • Hydropneumatic saw feed (KGS400A) enables an even cut, regardless of material
  • Easy adjustment of intermediate angles
  • Locking points at 45° and 90° for easy adjustment

Special Accessories

  • Length stop LA530, LA630, length stop digital display, length stop magnifying glass / scale
  • Roller conveyor 2 m, roller conveyor 3 m
  • Vertical clamping
  • Dust extraction system
  • Radio caliper Messtronic 0.1
  • Cooling spray device

Technical Data

Miter Saw KGS400M/A

Voltage:400 V, 50/60 Hz
Motor:1.5 kW
Rotation speed:2800 RPM
Swivel range:-45° bis +45°
Saw blade diameter:400 mm
Compressed air connection:6 – 8 bar
Weight:145 kg
Max. cutting range:45°: 143 × 80 mm
90°: 200 × 80 mm


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