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SK21 – Our latest Copy Router with Triple Drill!

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We have made our copy router with triple drill even better. The centering stop with constant grip positions has been completely optimized. A new, powerful 400V three-phase motor provides the necessary power even for the toughest workshop use. Quickly and easily set different overlapping thicknesses and backsets with revolver stops. The lock case mill offers four different positions, the triple drill has four immersion depths. The automatic workflow allows a combination of drilling and milling as well as just drilling or milling. The insert positions make tolerance values superfluous. The processing of profiles can be done on the loose profile piece as well as on the welded sash.

This makes the SK21A copy router with triple drill the ideal machine for automatic olive hole drilling and gear box milling in plastic and wooden profiles.

Watch our product video on YouTube here: WEGOMA Copy Router with Triple Drill SK21