Copy Router with Triple Drill SK21

The SK21A copy router with triple drill is the ideal machine for automatic olive hole drilling and gear box milling in plastic and wooden profiles.

Copy Router with Triple Drill SK21

Why Choose WEGOMA?

  • Powerful three-phase motors
  • Easy setting of overlap thicknesses and backsets using revolver stops
  • Four different positions for the lock case and four different immersion depths for the triple drill
  • Automatic workflow
  • Function: only drilling, or only milling
  • You can process your profiles either on the loose profile itself, or on the welded sash
  • No tolerance value required due to the insertion positions

Special Accessories

  • Stop for a good, constant fit of the handle
  • Centering device
  • Centering device with a stopper for constant fit of the handle
  • Milling cutters and drill bits for PVC and wood

Technical Data

Voltage:220/400 V, 50/60 Hz
Power:1.1 kW
Speed:2800 rpm
Milling area:220 x 115 mm
Milling depth:110 mm
Mill speed:14000 rpm
Vertical adjustment drill:6-80 mm
Drill speed:1400 rpm
Air supply:6-8 bar
Weight:150 kg

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