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CNC Steel Machining Center IRONTURN

Compact steel machining center. Despite its compact design, profiles up to 6 m with a cross-section of 130 × 130 mm can be processed.

CNC Steel Machining Center IRONTURN

Why Choose WEGOMA?

  • Powerful 6.6 kW ISO30 spindle for drilling and milling iron profiles
  • Four workpiece clamps with high clamping force
  • Possibility to process longer profiles than machine length
  • Pneumatic rotary table with a rotation range of -90°, 0°, + 90°
  • Micro spray device
  • 6 pieces tool magazine

Special Accessories

  • Special lengths
  • Larger tool magazine
  • Stronger spindle

Technical Data

Dimensions:4500 × 1450 × 2000 mm
Weight:1200 kg
Power:8.5 kW
No. References of zero:1
Tool storage:5 positions
x-axis:4253 mm
y-axis:340 mm
z-axis:255 mm
Axis speed:X 40 m/min; Y 20 m/min; Z 20 m/min


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