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Cutting Center for Steel Profiles IRONLINE

Fully automatic cutting center for steel with 370 saw blade, automatic workpiece feed by means of a magazine and automatic unloading onto a controlled buffer table.

Cutting Center for Steel Profiles IRONLINE

Why Choose WEGOMA?

  • Profile-specific speed setting
  • Online connection
  • Fully automatic processing
  • Large numbers of items can be processed
  • Cutting optimization

Special Accessories

  • Special lengths
  • Larger loading and unloading table
  • Stronger saw motor

Technical Data

Dimensions:14400 × 3800 × 1800 mm
Weight:5400 kg
Power:3 kW – 400 V
Motor RPM:50 – 150 RPM
Saw blade diameter:370 mm
Blade cutting angle:90°
No. of loadable bars:8
Unloading bench dimensions:3000 mm
Loading bench dimensions:7000 mm
Max. loadable profile length:6500 mm
Min. loadable profile length:1000 mm


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