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Punching Machine ST120

Punch for flexible applications. Hydropneumatic punching process with a punching force of 40kN. Wide ram stroke of 40mm.

Punching Machine ST120

Why Choose WEGOMA?

  • Hydropneumatic punching system
  • With sheet steel stand and stop bar 1000 mm
  • Punching force 40 KN (4 tons)
  • Ram stroke 30 – 40 mm
  • Flexible to use

Special Accessories

  • Profile-specific tools
  • Length stops

Technical Data

Air connection:R 1/4 inch
Air inlet max.:10 bar
Ram force:4000 Kp, b. 7 bar 9000 Kp
Ram stroke:30 – 40 mm
Construction height:170 mm
Table surface:300 × 200 mm
Total height:1300 mm (with stand)
Total width:400 mm
Total depth:400 mm
Weight:90 kg (with stand)

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