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WEGOMA presentation at the FENSTERBAU FRONTALE 2022

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WEGOMA presentation at the FENSTERBAU FRONTALE 2022

After a four-year break, it was time again: WEGOMA presents the latest trends in window and door construction at the FENSTERBAU FRONTALE 2022 in Nuremberg. 28,500 trade visitors from over 100 countries had the opportunity to examine and test our new products and continuously improved machines.

As a powerful partner for production, our machines met with great interest among trade visitors. The advantages of our latest generation of machines for your production are obvious: perfect work preparation, reduction of the error rate, reliable repeatability of complex processes, to name just a few.

Special mention deserves the compact 4-axis CNC Machining Center ERMES with a 5 kW spindle, 8-fold tool changer, HSK F50 spindle and 6 automatically positionable workpiece clamps. The ERMES is able to process profiles at any angle on five sides. This means that you keep track of even the most complex and extensive production orders while meeting any quality requirement.

Furthermore, we presented a new device for inserting particularly short glazing beads on our transom milling machine. The unrivaled system, which enables even the shortest glazing beads to be milled so they can be easily inserted, met with great interest among the specialist audience.

We have continuously developed our double miter saw DS150 for PVC, aluminum and wood. This latest model impresses with the highest cutting capacity, outstanding quality and precision. The unmatched quality of the WEGOMA DS series has long been known in the professional world and the current DS150 continues this trend.

Our robust LA630 length stop with 15″ industrial touch display, modern control, complete profile management and data record connection also met with widespread interest. The short travel times, which contribute significantly to minimizing the production time, achieved by a dynamic servo motor proved to be an important parameter for the trade visitors.

Our Automatic Reinforcement Screwdriver and Fixing Hole Drill Unit AVD495 has also been continuously developed to its current perfection. The screwing of the reinforcing steel, the introduction of the dowel fixing holes as well as the feeding and transport are now all automated in a convenient, precise, and repeatable manner via the touchscreen control. This makes the AVD495 a powerful partner in your production.

Meet us WEGOMA again at the next edition, the FENSTERBAU FRONTALE from March 19th to 22nd, 2024 at Nuremberg Fair.