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Profile Machining Center SBZ500

State-of-the-art and easy-to-use CNC center for efficient 6-sided machining of profiles. 4-axis rod machining center for the economical machining of aluminum and steel profiles. Working length 7000 mm, all processing such as milling, drilling, thread cutting, latches, etc.

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Profile Machining Center SBZ500

Why Choose WEGOMA?

  • Tool changer with 5 free spaces
  • Working length x-axis 6980mm (70m / min)
  • Working width y-axis 225mm (50m / min)
  • Working height z-axis 500mm (30m / min)
  • Rotation of axis W (tool holder) +/- 90 ° (30m / min)
  • stable steel frame
  • linearly guided with ball bushings for precise machining
  • Infinitely variable speed
  • all intermediate degrees between 0 ° -180 ° can be machined
  • 4 controlled axes
  • Possibility to process extra-long workpieces


  • PC control with Windows 7 user interface
  • 19″ monitor
  • mobile work console
  • easy ISO program creation through macros and CAD / CAM connection
  • Real-time display of the processing
  • modular construction; different work steps can be stored and combined freely
  • Data record connection using DXF files
  • parametric editing
  • Recording, to track the processing time
  • Intuitive operation: no CNC-trained personnel required

Technical Data

Voltage:400 V, 50 Hz
Power per engine :5,5 kW
Rotation speed:18000 Rpm
Standard tool set:n.7+1
Operating pressure:7 bar
Air consumption:40NI / operation
Standard working length:7100 mm
Positioning precision:±0.15 mm
Positioning precision (on repetition):±0.015 mm
Working length (X-axis):7100 mm
Working speed (x-axis):70 m/1s
Working length (y-axis):650 mm
Working speed (y-axis):50 m/1s
Working length (z-axis):200 mm
Working speed (z-axis):30 m/1s

Order numbers

766010000500Profile Machining Center SBZ500 – 7100mm


Product data sheet

Download the detailed product data sheet with all information and details as a PDF file here. Free of charge and without obligation, of course.