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CNC Machining Center ERMES

Compact 4-axis machining center with 5 kW spindle, 8 position tool holder, HSK F50 spindle and 6 automatically positionable workpiece clamps. With the four interpolating axes, the profile can be machined at any angle on five sides.

CNC Machining Center ERMES

Why Choose WEGOMA?

  • Four interpolating axes
  • 5 kW spindle with 24,000 rpm
  • STEP import
  • CAD / CAM software as standard
  • Data import from ERP

Special Accessories

  • Camprox
  • Unilink
  • Interfaces to all common CAM programs
  • Stronger spindle
  • Larger tool changer
  • Special lengths

Technical Data

Dimensions:4600 × 1675 × 2260 mm
Weight:1800 kg
Electric spindle power:5 kW – HSKF50
No. of reference points:2 (manual)
No. of standard clamps:6
Tool storage:Tool storage with 8 positions
x-axis:3450 mm
y-axis:600 mm
z-axis:265 mm
Axis speed:X 80 m/min; Y 60 m/min; Z 30 m/min