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Double Miter Saw DS2750

The ideal saw for glazing beads, moldings, and small profiles. The precision double miter saw DS2750 is particularly suitable for precise sawing of small cross-sections in wood, PVC, and aluminum.

Double Miter Saw DS2750

Why Choose WEGOMA?

  • Virtually unbreakable double miter saw (approx. 900 kg machine weight with a 250 mm saw blade)
  • Stable steel construction
  • Positioning of the saw unit and the saw feed via 25 mm and 20 mm linear guides
  • Optimum dust collection thanks to the blow-off device and chip guidance within the saw
  • Clamping of the tilting and the length movement via pneumatic clamping elements from Zimmer
  • Counter bearing in the saw table ensures optimal stability and precision
  • All drives and controls from Jetter
  • IP 65 protected 15″ industrial touchpanel
  • WEGOMA’s own software can be adapted to all customer needs
  • Combined clamping system that has proven itself over decades, especially for wooden glazing beads
  • Smallest cut with both heads 260 mm (135 mm with short cut stop)
  • Direct position measuring system (magnetic sensor) in all variants

Special Accessories

  • Variable stop system (manual scanning of the sash)
  • Stop for slotted glazing beads
  • Profile-specific counter blocks
  • Pneumatic tilting
  • Servo-motorized tilting
  • Hydropneumatic saw feed
  • Combined clamping system (vertical and horizontal)
  • Dust collection system
  • Radio caliper Messtronic 0.1
  • digital displays for the tilting angle
  • Short and long cut stop

Technical Data

Voltage:400 V, 50/60 Hz
Power per motor:1.1 kW
Rotation speed:4852 RPM
Min. cut length:260 mm
Max. cut length:2800 mm or 4000 mm
Max. workpiece width:75 mm
2 HM saw blades:250 mm
Compressed air connection:6-8 bar
Weight:950 kg


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