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Gasket Router HDF4-4

Simultaneous processing of two profile ends in one operation. Automatic adjustment of the stop gasket and glass gasket position. All gasket levels can be routed at the same time. In contrast to the use of hold-down devices during welding, the elasticity of the seal is retained.

Gasket Router HDF4-4

Why Choose WEGOMA?

  • Simultaneous processing of two profile ends in one operation
  • Automatic adjustment of the end / glass gasket position
  • Sash profiles: routing of the end, center, and glass gasket
  • Outer frame profiles: routing of the stop and glass gasket
  • Easy handling
  • The elasticity of the gasket is retained after welding
  • PLC control

Special Accessories

  • Extendable support table 800 mm
  • Fixed support table 1300 mm
  • Preparation for extraction system
  • Automatic change of the aluminum face cutter of frame and sash for Schüco SI82
  • Additional routing disks (2 pieces) for outward opening profiles

Technical Data

Voltage:400 V, 3 ~, 50/60 Hz
Power:0.55 kW / motor
Air connection:6 – 8 bar
Weight:110 – 130 kg
Length:900 mm
Width:450 – 550 mm
Hight:1700 – 2000 mm