Automatic Reinforcement Screwdriver, Transom hole and Fixing hole Drill Unit AVDK496

Automatic screwing of the reinforcing steel and drilling of transom and fixing holes. With automatic infeed and automatic outfeed.

Automatic Reinforcement Screwdriver, Transom-hole and Fixing-hole Drill Unit AVDK496

Why Choose WEGOMA?

  • Fully automatic screw insertion system
  • Screw distances are freely programmable according to customer requirements
  • The screwing unit can be moved with a 6-fold revolver stop
  • 3 screw insertion programs (freely programmable); 40 drilling programs (freely programmable)
  • Standard: fixing hole equipped with Ø 10.5 mm
  • Program dialog via 15″ touchscreen
  • Standard: Transom drilling unit from top to bottom
  • Up to three transom drilling positions (per profile length)
  • Selectable mirroring of the transom bore

Special Accessories

  • Online data
  • Infeed roller conveyor with storage tray
  • Automatic roller return transport
  • Depth stop for screwdrivers
  • Working direction from right to left
  • Fixing hole unit from above or below
  • Transom drilling unit with gearbox for multiple drilling – up to 9 gearboxes

Technical Data

Voltage:230/400 Volt 3~, 50Hz
Infeed roller conveyor:2000 mm
Base frame:1500 mm
Adjustment of screwdriver:6-fold revolver
Outfeed roller conveyor:2500 mm
Adjustment of fixing hole unit:6-fold revolver
Adjustment of transom hole unit:3-fold revolver
Weight:400 kg