Automatic-feed Screwdriver AV494

Automatic screwdriver for the insertion of the reinforcing steel. With automatic infeed and automatic outfeed.

Automatic-feed Screwdriver AV494

Why Choose WEGOMA?

  • Fully automatic screw insertion system
  • Screw distances are freely programmable according to customer requirements
  • The screwdriver unit can be moved with a 6-fold revolver stop
  • The automatic infeed is initiated by pushing the profile in up to the light barrier
  • First and last screw approx. 30mm from the beginning or end of the profile
  • Manual screw insertion program; Positioning accuracy of the screw spacing ±3 mm

Special Accessories

  • Online data
  • Infeed roller conveyor with storage tray
  • Automatic roller return transport
  • Depth sensor for screwdrivers
  • Working direction from right to left

Technical Data

Voltage:230/400 Volt 3~, 50Hz
Infeed roller conveyor:2000 mm
base frame:1500 mm
Adjustment screwdriver:6-fold revolver
Outfeed:2500 mm
Weight:400 kg