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Corner Cleaning Machine WPA4

Clean and fast processing of the outer contours and visible surfaces. With four cutter set spaces.

Corner Cleaning Machine WPA4

Why Choose WEGOMA?

  • Clean processing of the outer contours and the visible surfaces on PVC windows and doors after welding
  • Semi-automatic function: After manual input of the workpiece, limit switches trigger automatic processing
  • Automatic profile recognition and milling cutter preselection for two to four profiles
  • Blow-off device for chips
  • Very short cycle times: between 7 and 9 seconds
  • Precise removal of the welding beads on the visible surfaces above and below and the milling of the outer corner are carried out in one operation
  • Support arms on the left and right make it easier to feed larger elements

Special Accessories

  • Profile-specific milling tools

Technical Data

Voltage:220/400V, 50/60Hz
Milling speed:3300U/min.
Milling spindle diameter:32mm
Milling disc diameter:80-220mm
Min. profile height:20mm
Max. profile height:120mm
Min. profile width:15mm
Max. profile width:145mm
Min. Workpiece size:420x420mm
Max. Workpiece size:unbegrenzt
Air connection:6-8bar
Weight:750 kg

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