Working center SBZ400

Compact design for a wide variety of profile processing in windows as well as in doors and façade construction.


4-axis bar machining center for economical machining of aluminum and steel profiles. Working length 2600mm, all machining operations such as milling, drilling, thread cutting, etc.
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Technical data:

Working length: 2600 mm
Motor power: 8 kW
Power supply: 380 + 5% V,  50-60 Hz
Spindle: ISO30
Compressed air supply: 6-7 Bar
max. working length: 2600 mm
max. working speed: 50m/1s
max. working length: 370 mm
max. working speed: 30m/1s
max. working length: 170 mm
max. working speed: 30m/1s
Motor speed: 18000 rpm
Motor power: 3,8 kW