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WEGOMA is selling the new revolutionary connection system OVVO exclusively in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. It is a completely invisible self-clamping system for stable, form fitting connections of all angles. There a fix and removable connectors. The patented system gained several innovation prices, the last on Interzum 2015.


Advantages of OVVO:

Manufacturing process:

• 2 step milling process as opposed to traditional 3 step, saving of 30% on milling times.

• No special software adjustment for CNC machines. Special cutter sets for all common CNC machine manufacturers available
• Savings of up to 80% on site assembly times can be achieved by using the  connection system.

• Simple solution with the WEGOMA hand connection trimmer AB181

“A simple, efficient, fast and rewarding assembly process for the end user which does not require the use of tools, glues or screws.”

Transport and Assembling

Transportation volumes are reduced by minimum of 50% because of its “flat pack” assembly. Also the danger of damage is minimized.

Easy final assembling of the furniture. The concept is a push fit solution that allows two pieces of material to join together easily without the use of traditional aids. Just click the connectors together.


Completely invisible connection, no  holes or gaps after the assembling.


The connectors itself are much cheaper than comparable systems. With the AB181 you can start the production  with a small budget.

Experience the revolution in furniture assembling on youtube:

Easy as a child's play


OVVO System basics


The revolutionary connection system is available from March, 1th 2016 over our sales network. Ask your local distributor for the new system


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